LEVOIT Essential Oil Diffuser, Perfect for Your Bedroom!

When we want to rest and have a good night’s sleep, we all want the same. Quiet, so we can dream and let our body fill with new energy, to be ready for our new day. In my research, one of the best oil diffuser for your bedroom is Levoit, click here. You can see a lovely item you must have in your home.

What kind of a product is Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser?

MaterialBPA-Free, suitable for baby
Product Dimensions7.2″D x 8.11″W x 11.57″H
Runtime25 hours
Item Weight3.04 pounds
Floor Area290 Square Feet
Special FeatureEasy Top-Fill, Quiet, Auto Shut Off, Aroma Diffuser
Capacity3 Liters
Operation ModeKonb-control
Power SourceETL Certified AC Power Adapter
Best place to buyBuy on Amazon

What is special about Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser?

  • 2-in -1 Diffuser and Humidifier, you can add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oils to the base to create a fragrant relaxing home spa
  • Silent Operation, You can sleep in total silence. The dual 150 humidifier operates quietly and steadily to create a soothing and peaceful sleeping atmosphere.
  • Easy top-filled designed, : LEVOIT Upgraded Top-Fill design, no need to turn over the water tank and no spilling the water all over the floor, which is great :-), you need just to move the tank cover and fill the tank with ease.


  • Use purified or distilled water to avoid white dust or possible hums
  • Clean humidifier before first use and replace the water filter on a regular basis to avoid possible mold or mineral build-up
  • Add only 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oils to the base, no need to add an excessive amount of oil

Is it worthy?

Yes, it is!

I love because it’s quiet, it is a item 2 in 1, does not make bubbling or gurgling noises, has a stylish device, easy to use, so you just need to have one in your bedroom.

Go here on Amazon and let me know what you think and what are your impressions about this lovely product, be the first one to share your experience. I noticed that the Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser& Humidifier is very popular, so you can buy it for yourself or for the ones you love.

Until my next post, take care of yourself,always<3

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