Village Candle Beachside Review

Village Candle Beachside Large – aroma of sea salt, neroli blossom, vanilla orchid and beachwood comes together in this ocean candle. Crafted with food-grade paraffin wax for a clean, even burn. The scent is reminiscent of the calm and peace. Decorative scented candle in a glass jar with a lid and two wicks. It is … Read more

Yankee Candle MidSummer’s Night Review

MidSummer’s Night, Yankee candle is a solid product with great reviews, so I have tried to find all the information that can bring you closer to this great fragrance. Maybe you already know that Yankee Candle’s are very popular in USA, with over 600 fragrances, they offer a wide range of seasonal and specialty scented … Read more

Scented Candles Gift Set, Must Try It

Scented Candles

I was trying to find amazing scented candle set and I will bring to you what I found as an excellent product. I am talking about set from BXGRH with 6 different small candles with different fragrances and designs. The package is so interesting, perfect for everyone who love essential product, you can see right … Read more

Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla Review

Bring Magic in Your Home What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear the word ,,Home,, ? It is a place were we all feel safe, loved and warm. Home is our favorite spot in this world and we are always trying to make it better for living. One of … Read more

Homedics Serene Scent Waterless Diffuser Review

Dear readers, If you are trying to find one of the best product that can bring you air diffusion technology and creates a clean and natural home fragrance that significantly enhances the mood, than this is right for you: Homedics Serene Scent Waterless Home Fragrance Diffuser.No water needed, you just add your favorite fragrance oil, … Read more